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1st: English (TOEIC:990)
2nd: Japanese
(JLPT: N1)

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Yosakoi, finding new parks, cafes and bookstores, making desserts

Dear Customers:
Hi there, I’m Selina! Many people are surprised to find out that I’m actually from Australia and that I have been living in Tokyo since 2017. I love to chat about all sorts of things, especially different languages, dialects, and cultures. Although I’ve studied a few languages at school, Japanese is the only one besides English that I feel comfortable with. Why? Because I use it in my daily life, I enjoy Japanese media, and most importantly, it’s fun! However you want to learn English, I hope we can have fun using it. Feel free to contact me for any questions, general help, or a good chat!!

Dear International Friends:
It can be pretty hectic moving anywhere, let alone overseas. There’s so much to handle, from moving in and all of the necessary paperwork to learning the language, not to mention actually beginning work, studies and travel while getting settled in. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or just need a chat about some of the smaller things, feel free to contact me!!

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