Adam (USA)

(Oregon, USA)

1st: English
2nd: Japanese

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Traveling, painting, learning new things, going to museums, and riding my bicycle around town.

Dear Customers:
Hi! My name is Adam. I’m from Portland, but I’ve lived in many different places in the USA including San Francisco and even Alaska! I like meeting people and enjoy teaching languages. I understand how challenging it is to learn another language. I came to Japan in 2008 for a study abroad in high school and couldn’t speak Japanese at all!! I’m looking forward to a conversation with you!!

Dear International Friends:
Living abroad is an exciting and sometimes challenging experience. I can help you prepare or adjust to the different culture and language. Or, we can enjoy simple everyday conversation. Let’s have fun!!

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Customers’ voice:

Thank you for talking with me happily every time. I am convinced that my English conversational ability is improving. You input many phrases for me into the chat box.
Thanks to it , I can make use of it for the review. I hope your precise instruction. See you next Tuesday.