Justin (USA)

Rhode Island

1st: English
2nd: Japanese
(JLPT: N2)
3rd: Spanish

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Japan Standard Time.
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I’ve been doing yoga since high school and even went to India for half a year.  Now I’m addicted to the gym and go 4-5 times a week. I don’t like winter much because I love outdoor activities like hiking and riding my bike. I also love traveling and hope to visit many countries in Asia soon! I enjoy watching movies and dramas on Netflix or Amazon Prime before I sleep every night. Also, I used to play music a lot, but I only have a ukulele at the moment.

Dear Customers:
Hello! My name is Justin. Like Justin Bieber! Easy to remember right? I’m American and I grew up in the smallest state, Rhode Island. I moved to Japan in 2017 to study Japanese and after passing the JLPT N2 (yay!) in 2018, I began working as an English teacher at a school for adults. I also do a ton of freelance work (like this), such as writing articles about Japanese culture and creating test material for English tests like TOEIC and Eiken. I think my experience as a language learner, teacher, and my familiarity with Eiken will make our time together valuable and you’ll learn a lot! I can’t wait to meet you!

Dear International Friends:
Hi everyone! I’m happy to be a part of the weknow team and hope to get to know all of you soon! I’m looking forward to swapping funny stories about your life in Japan and elsewhere!

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