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Dear Customers:
Hello everyone, I’m Mike from Boston, MA, USA! Go Red Sox! I’ve been in Japan since 2016 and I plan on living here for the rest of my life. I have had lots of experience both in and out of Japan. I was a US Marine, an assistant training and armory manager at a police station, and managed my own private security and firearms company in the states. Obviously, these lines of work are hard to find in Japan, so I now work as a preschool teacher, although I have regular school experience as well. When I first came to Japan, I knew zero Japanese and thought learning was impossible. For 2 years I relied on other people to help me live…until I got tired of that and said let’s learn Japanese. In two years I would say I became comfortably fluent, mainly because I forced myself to work in bars and places where I had to speak Japanese. I can share what worked for me and apply it to your English! I also compete in MMA and worked as a boxing coach in Japan, so if you have an interest in combat sports, please I can talk all day about it! For the girls, I love Japanese drama so, we can talk about Kimu Taku all day if you want! I believe language isn’t about learning, but about living in it, do what you like in the target language, read about things you would read in your own language, watch and listen to music and movies in your target language. That is the best study because those things are made for the people that speak the language, so it is always “real” English. Thank you for reading and let’s have fun and learn something!

Dear International Friends:
If you read above, you’ll see I was like you, I thought Japanese was impossible. Flash forward 2 years and well…it’s still hard but I know I will reach a native level eventually. The reason is because of the methods I used, ones that I was never aware of 4 years ago. I believe in 18 months I can make anyone fluent in speaking and reading Japanese.
If you are aware of AJATT and RTK and Anki methods like that, let me tell you they work and I can advise you on how to learn with them. It’s not easy but those will guarantee you improve. Besides that, I am well aware of the culture of Japan, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Japan is a great place, but like any, there are many things that aren’t. I can give you REAL talk about anything you want to know. Thanks, guys and I hope to see you soon on Skype!

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