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For TOEIC practices & Eiken practices (Offline)

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↑ Choose your display language first!


↑Choose “Practice”, default Participants setting is “1”, but you can change up to 6.  You can select “Practice” that you want to join.  You may set “Pick date” or “Following days” to find your practice!  Finally, choose “BOOK”! 


↑Choose Yes or No.


↑If Yes, you may set repeat bookings up to 4.


↑If you are a 1st time user, input your details. If you are already registered, please “Sign in”!  Your information will be automatically set!  Also, you may select your friend as an attendant! *Default setting is “myself” 


↑Check your booking you have selected. You can change it here.  Also, you may add another booking here. Go “Next” if they are OK. 


↑ Final check! for your booking details. You can still change your bookings here. Finally, check “Terms and conditions” and “Confirm booking!”. 


↑Once you see this screen, you are ready to go! Your booking details will be sent to you via your registered email. Also, you can check it at ‘Your bookings‘ in your Customer area.


*If you don’t receive any confirmations, please set 「」 into your email receiving list.  

*Changes or Cancellations are due 12 hours prior to your scheduled session. 


If you are a 1st time user, just goFree trial for 1st timer! Learn Japan online via Skype or email!

Choose Practice!

and choose BOOK! to complete your trial booking.