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Ask us!  How can I say ~ in Japanese? How do you say ~ in Japanese?

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If you have Skype on your Internet device, our service is available all over the world.  


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All communication advisers basically live in Japan and speak good Japanese with English.  

We support your communication and what you need to know because you are going to cross ‘the border’ that we have also crossed.  

This is not a weknow’s lesson, this is 「Your Session」.

You can send your request to the selected adviser each booking. You can select an adviser who speaks Japanese and your native language for your session.  

We are not an “old style lesson service” like “teachers teaching by textbooks”. We are a new style called ‘Session’.

You can simply get what you need to know (required conversation practice, proofreading, translation and local information etc.).     You make the session, not our advisers. 

Basically, we don’t offer fixed lessons which are not of use to you. Your session is always up to you.  

Of course, you can prepare your materials if you need (Copy & paste, send file or URL via Skype during a session).

There is no teacher, no student, and no lesson at weknow. We have 「Communication advisers」「Our precious customers」and 「Your session」.  


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Gemma Eng-Jpn バイリンガル adviser