NEW SOYJOY! – Don’t hold back, right!?

Yummy, healthy Japanese energy bar!!

Eita: Hey! Do your job!(おい!仕事しろよ!)
Guy1: Don’t hold back, right?(ガマンしなくて、いいんでしょ?)
Eita: What?( はぁ?)
Eita: Leaving early?(もう帰るの?)
Guy2: Don’t hold back, right?(がまんしなくて、いいんでしょ?)
Gut3: Don’t hold back, right?(がまんしなくて、いいんでしょ?)
Eita: Who said that!?(誰が言ったんだ!?)
Guy123: You said it’s low GI.(これ、低*GIって言ったじゃない。)
Eita: It’s about SOYJOY.(それはSOYJOYの話だから。) 

*GI = Glycemic Index, an index of carbohydrate in foods according to how they affect blood glucose levels.


Instead of signing up for a monthly commitment of diet drinks that will cost you a lot and most probably giving up after some time, there is a much convenient diet solution, which is SOYJOY.


SOYJOY is an energy bar that you can get in almost any convenient store and supermarket in Japan. You only have to buy it when you feel like having a diet on the day itself.


The ideal of SOYJOY is the provide people in diet with vegetable protein, soy isoflavones and many more healthy ingredients. It is recommended to replace lunch with SOYJOY for affective result.


Eating SOYJOY not only can be a healthy diet solution for one, it also helps the environment for green solution.


Come try SOYJOY cause is a joyful diet experience!

Ruri, Trilingual (Eng-Jpn-Chi) Communication Advisor

by Ruri (JPN)


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