WANTED ‘SKYPE’ communication advisers!  You can work in your room!
★Please apply from here after you check your conditions below.  日本語>>

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    「Would you like to talk to our customers about your country & native language?」
    「Would you like to advise our customers who are new to Japan?」
    Please give us your spare time if you are interested in helping people who are going to cross borders!   

    Conditions are below:
    ・You have a PC (keyboard is mandatory) in your room and are familiar with using Skype. (Not allowed to use Mobile device, WiFi, wireless, and low-speed Internet connection under 5Mbps)
    ・You have a Facebook account.
    ・You love your native(home) country and Japan
    ・You are a resident of Japan.
    ・You are full of hospitality and able to support Eiken Grade 1 level Speaking & Writing.
    You have basic Japanese communication skills.  (speaking, listening, reading & typewriting)
    ・You are qualified to work in Japan.
    ・Monthly pay = 1,613 yen/hour ~× hours you talk with customers
    ・Working hours available: 7:00-23:30. You can choose and set any hours daily.  

    Job description:
    HELP rather than TEACH
    Support their communications on Skype with your bilingual skills. (speaking, listening, reading & typewriting)
    Support their Eiken(英検) writing & speaking practices.
    ・Give them the latest information about Japan or your country on Skype with your bilingual skills.
    ・Post various information related to you or Japan on our Facebook page(We know Japan) in English or Japanese. (at least once a week)