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Communication practice & information before your leaving Slide blank↓↑

Nihongo wakaranai… osietekudasai.  I want to know how to ask in any cases. 
I came back from Sri Lanka. please teach me how to express my gratitude to all support members.
Please speak more slowly. And check my grammar.
Hi Kate!  I would like to improve my Japanese with you. I’m still a beginner. I know Hiragana and Katakana, basic phrases and sentence structure but I still lack confidence in actually applying them. I’ll be going to Japan next year to visit my friends as well as maybe teach English there as well. I’m also thinking of taking JLPT N5 next year.
I will visit Tokyo next week. Please teach me some basic Japanese conversation! I want to communicate with Japanese people as much as I can!
Please share me the ways to get around Tokyo and Japanese lifestyle that are not written in books.
I wanna hear about Japan of now.


Need help your Japanese Homework?!

free talk & help my studies please.
Basically please take care of translation from Japanese to English. If we have still time , I’d like to challenge to Mandarin or Cantonese. よろしく頼むで!
I’ll prepare the PDF & I’m looking forward to seeing you on Skype !
Hello. I’d like to use the Nihongo material I have. Please work with me.  


Role Playing Talk

I want to talk about how to talk with a foreign patient in operation room.
Simulation : you as sales person to introduce Linemark product. And I interpret to Japanese.   And some our company worker asking question and I interpret to English   You can correct me my English explaining. How’s it?


Ask us correction!

Hello, could you correct email below? Here is situation. We~
I’d like to do free talking. If I talk a wrong sentence, you teach me a correct sentence.
I would like to prepare for TOEFL IBT, speaking section, No1. Could you listen to my speech and talk about!
Please check my English sentence or conversation. If there is a wrong points , please point out. Regarding the speed of your talking ,please speak to me by natural.
On the last session, you helped me to revise my speech. This time, I would like you to ask questions regarding my speech. Because I’m going to speak at a speech club and they will ask me some questions. I will type the contents of my speech just before we talk on Tuesday. See you soon!
Hi ! Nice to meet you. I’m poor at making Japanese sentences. So would you correct my way of saying ? I would like to improve my conversation skills.
please help me my speaking Japanese.


Free conversation

Hello, I have some questions for business English.What is difference between below words. ~
Free talk :Please correct my mistakes in my conversation. I request you to give me some question. I want to talk a lot.
Hello I’d like to have a free talk. Would you please don’t speak English and turn off your video since I use a mobile internet.
I would like to talk about Japanese culture. I want to talk about my favorite Japanese anime!
I just would like to take an appointment. I haven’t decided what to talk right now. Maybe we can decide a topic on the day and talk about it.
I want to report about my presentation and trip to JAPAN.
Hi, this time I just want to have a friendly and informal conversation. Looking forward to seeing you.
I want to know about how to talk with my boss or someone respectfully.
Hey, I want to continue to practice ‘free conversation`in Japanese.and I’m looking forward to talking with you. best regards.
I want to talk about my favorite movie and TV programs in Japan.
I’ve been studying Japanese for 1 year and I’d like her to help me learn a little bit of basic Korean and help me with what I’m learning of Japanese.


Say what you want to say in Japanese!

I’m too curious about this language and i want to improve my vocabulary in Japanese , would you help me? Gemma.
Please check my Japanese conversation or translate what I tell you in English into Japanese?
Please give some advice for my Japanese presentation.



Please give me an advice for my presentation.
Hello, it’s my first day to take weknow. Could you advise and correct below email which I sent to a foreign coworker for a hotel arrangement.
Hello! I am going to write some sentences before taking our session. Would you please correct them?
Please translate from Japanese to English ,from Japanese to Mandarin and from English to Mandarin. 请翻译从日语到英语,从日语到普通话和从英语到普通话。
I want to know how to write a letter and how to write a twitter in Japanese.


Copy Native Pronunciation!

I will read some articles and could you correct my pronunciation?
I would like improve my pronunciation.
Hi ! I want you to correct my Japanese pronunciation.
I just want to become fluent in Nihongo language.

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