2-minute Japanese Composition (English)

Write a composition in 2 minutes (Japanese, English and etc). Your adviser will then proofread it.

2-minute composition. Write good Japanese!


1.) Let your adviser give you a topic. (e.g. Today’s breakfast, Tomorrow’s schedule, etc.)      


2.) Write about the topic using Skype IM (Instant Messaging) in 2 minutes.    


3.) Send your composition to your adviser after 2 minutes.      


4.) Your adviser starts proofreading.      


5.) If you had something more to write, but we’re able to express it, don’t hesitate to let your adviser know in your language.      


6.) Your adviser sends you a corrected version.      


7.) Compare it with yours.      


8.) Ask a lot of questions! And read the corrected version out loud to practice the natural expressions you want to use!      



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