Rachael (USA)


1st: English
2nd: Japanese
(JLPT: N3)

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Jogging, yoga, hiking, cooking vegan food, sewing, traveling

Dear Customers:
Hello, my name is Rachael. I'm from a small city in California where the author John Steinbeck was born. I studied at UC Berkeley. Then I moved to Japan a year after graduation. I liked anime and I wanted to try living here. Now I've been in Japan for many years since 2005. I have more than ten years of experience tutoring Japanese people. I can help you practice and improve while having fun. Relaxing is the most important thing, so don't worry about making mistakes!

Dear International Friends:
I love traveling in Japan and have visited 27 of the 47 prefectures! Let me know any of your questions about visiting or moving to Japan and I'll do my best to help.