Speak slowly for Japanese

Japanese people understand your English if you speak slowly.

Japanese people understand you! They are full of heart to help you!

Don't worry!  Japanese people usually study English for some years.  But they have just trouble listening.  

So, don't rush if you need some help here in Japan!   They can understand you if you speak slow English.  

Also, your first word should be ‘すみません(Sumimasen)’ when you talk to them.  

'すみません(Sumimasen)' is a wonderful Japanese to show your respect to others.   It is close to meaning 'I am sorry to bother you'. Native Japanese people often use it for their general conversation.  

For example,  

「‘すみません(Sumimasen)', how can I get to the KAMATA station?  I lost the way..」

「‘すみません(Sumimasen)', can I have a glass of water?」  


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