Can you read the Japanese calendar?

Kyouwa Nanyoubi desuka? Nannichi desuka?

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What day is today?  今日は何曜日ですか?

(Kyouwa Nanyoubi desuka?)

What date is today? 今日は何日ですか? 

(Kyouwa Nannichi desuka?)

If you could reply in Japanese, that would be awesome!   Is that tough?  

For example, today is Wednesday.

今日は水曜日です。(Kyou wa Sui youbi desu)

Today is May 20th.

今日は5月20日です。(Kyou wa Go gatsu Niju nichi desu)

If you say 20日:Hatsuka, you are a native Japanese!

Maybe, you better to start from 'DAY (youbi)'!

Sunday - 日曜日 (Nichi youbi)

Monday - 月曜日 (Getsu youbi)

Tuesday - 火曜日 (Ka youbi)

Wednesday - 水曜日 (Sui youbi)

Thursday - 木曜日 (Moku youbi)

Friday - 金曜日 (Kin youbi)

Saturday - 土曜日 (Do youbi)

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