COVID19 - 'Boost your immunity.' in Japanese?

My customer: Btw, how do you proofread this sentence? 僕が書くとほとんどこうなるんだけど。

My customer: 「Let's enhance your immunity to COVID-19.」 ジェンマならどう書く(言う)かな?

Me: What are you trying to say in Japanese? I mean, it makes sense but it doesn't sound... very native?

My customer: 新型コロナウィルスに対する免疫を高めよう!

COVID-19 = 新型コロナウィルス(Shingata Corona Virus)

Immunity = 免疫(Men-eki)

Me: Instead of enhancing, I would use "increase".  Let's increase your immunity to Covid-19.

Me: I have heard folks say stuff like "boost immunity". It is similar to enhance or increase.


Gemma (USA) from weknow

by Gemma (USA)

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