Daylight Saving Time! Spring forward & Fall back!

Japan used to have Daylight Saving Time in 1948 – 1952.

People in some parts of the world get an extra hour in winter because of Daylight Saving.

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In fact, Japan used to have Daylight Saving Time or DST as well. If you didn’t know, DST usually begins in March and ends in October in the Northern Hemisphere.

 Some people feel that using the DST plan will save energy on the cost of running their homes. Energy used for electricity for lighting our homes is connected to when we wake up in the morning and when we get to go to bed at night.

 Trying to save that energy is important. So we have the “Spring forward and Fall backward” system. Although problems do arise from DST, especially for those who didn’t reset their clocks, like accidentally sleeping in and missing work or school!

Day light Saving Over-slept

 Even some people complain that losing ‘sleep’ from the time change messes with their body clocks making people groggier when losing an hour of sleep from DST. Regardless, most countries around the world still use the Daylight Saving Time system.


Gemma (USA) from weknow

by Gemma (USA)

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