Practice giving directions

map direction 2

When you are lost on the street or when you see someone who looks lost, whether you are getting or giving directions, you will need to communicate clearly and smoothly.

Let’s practice with weknow advisers.

 1.) Download a map for the advisor to show you how to give directions clearly, and effectively. Send the picture or URL through IM(Instant Message) on Skype.

 2.) Explain to the adviser in your native tongue what you would like to say. Your adviser will then try to help you express that very same thought in your requested language.

 3.) Furthermore, the adviser will not only translate your thoughts but he/she will also type the translation into IM on Skype.

 4.) We recommend that you read aloud what the adviser types into IM; it will help you remember the sentences faster, and you will be able to sound more natural by trying to mimic the adviser.

 5.) You can also ask your adviser to read these sentences in IM again and again until you can say all of them smoothly.

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