When you graduate high school in UK, US & Japan

Education systems vary..

Japan high school graduation

Japan’s High School education system finishes at the age of 18. University is usually a 4 year course except some medical degrees.

UK's High School education system finishes at the age of 18 at "Year 13", also known as A Levels. University is usually a 3 year course that is more or less planned out because you decide your major upon starting. (Exams at the end of each year)

US's High School education system finishes around the age of 17 at "Grade 12". Their Universities are usually a 4 year course, but with more flexibility because you decide each class yourself. However, you are also required to take General Classes mostly within the first couple years, but they are no different to Senior classes in High school.

Between the two Countries, US has a lot more choices in terms of Majors/Degrees, but are a lot more expensive than UK. (International Students cost even more)

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