‘How are you?’ More than 80% of Japanese people answer ‘I’m fine.’

Because their 1st English textbooks say so. What about you?  How about native English speakers of us (weknow advisers) ??

Ashley(USA): Oklahoma City, Oklahoma,

「I’m good, thank you!」
「Oh, I’m good! How are you?」 
「I’m doing good, what about you?」

Adam(USA): Portland, Oregon

「I'm good.」
「I'm okay.」

Gemma(USA): Santa Clarita Valley, California

I am fine thank you and you?」  
「I am doing great!」

Thalia(USA): Orange, New Jersey

「I'm good.」 
I am fine.

Eric(Canada): Edmonton, Alberta

「I'm good.」
「I'm doing good.」

Yuka(Japan): Raised in Los Angeles, California

「I’m good. How are you?」

Ruri(Japan): Raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

「I'm great.」

Natasya(Malaysia): Kedah, Malaysia

I am fine.」 
「I am ok.」


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