I am Japanese, but I was raised in Malaysia!

Let’s talk about the good side of both Malaysia and Japan.

The good side of both Malaysia and Japan.

Malaysia is a multicultural vivid country. The first impression of foreigners in Malaysia will be tropical rainforest. Borneo is one of the most beautiful rainforests in Malaysia. Trees that are high sky, wildflowers growing strongly, blue clouds, and many forest birds flying freely above the air.

The unique thing about Malaysia is that it is a country that lives more than 3 cultures. Malay, Chinese, Indian, Kazakhstan, and more. Everyone in Malaysia still manages to live together. The key to living within multiple cultures and multiple religions is to understand each other and tolerate each other to live in peace.

Malays will hog the road on Fridays for Mosque prayers, and Chinese will hog the road for Buddhist festivals on some days. Indians will hog the road for Hinduism prayers on some days. But everyone still tolerates and lives peacefully until today.

One more interesting fact about Malaysia, is that there are so many cultures, instead of saying "What do you want to eat?" But in Malaysia, we ask "Which country's food do you want to eat?" Food in Malaysia tastes like heaven to me with their strong taste. Must try!

Japan is the healthiest country I know. I've eventually become more healthy in food consumption, which is great because I can prevent sickness from now on till old age.

Japan is the most hardworking people for work as I felt. Japanese usually spend most of their life living in a societal pattern. A pattern where a country intentionally created to work for a company for years, over time, manners in words, manners in every body movement everywhere you go.

It's a good place to train yourself to be a standardized human being since this is the only country left with societal patterns.

I am studying design in Japan and I really like Japanese design thinking. It's unique, deep and creative. Lots of unique products to shop in Japan!

I hope you have gained interest in these two beautiful countries! Sincerely,

  Ruri weknow Eng-Jpn-Chi Communication adviser


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