「Me, too!」 in Japanese?

How should I say 'Me, too' to my Japanese girlfriend in Japanese?

I want to say ’I feel the same' to my Japanese girlfriend! Learn Japanese online via Skype!

It depends on your cases.  If you would like to say 'I feel the same!', you should simply say

「ぼくも!(Boku mo!)」

You may say 「わたしも!(Watashi-mo!)」.  However, it is a bit weird for you to use 'わたし(Watashi) to your girlfriend because you are a male gender and you don't need to be formal to her.  

You better say 「ぼく(Boku), おれ(Ore)」 to your girlfriend.  These are the casual Japanese for a male gender.  Your Japanese girlfriend feels closer to you. 

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