Japanese love to say 「It’s been a long time!」

「It’s been a while」 in Japanese?  You need to know this Japanese expression because they love to use it.

Hisashiburi = It's been a whole. Talk Japanese online!
久(ひさ)しぶり!(Hisashiburi!) is a common expression in Japan.  

They may say 「Long time no see!」 to you because it is often on their English books.  

As we wrote before, ひさしぶり!(Hisashiburi!) also means ‘It’s lovely to see you again’.  So they love to use it.  

Some Japanese girls may say ‘ひさしぶり!(Hisashiburi!)’ with punching you!  

That’s ‘かわいい!(kawaii)!’   

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