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There are all kinds of delicious food! From local Saipan food to Japanese food, Korean food, Chinese, Thai, Filipino, Vietnamese, you name it! Every Thursday, in a park place near the beach, is the Thursday Street Market, where various food vendors come together to meet all your cravings! If you happen to be in Saipan during the month of May, there is the “Taste of the Marianas” food festival, where all of Saipan’s best hotels, chefs, and restaurants gather and sell the real ‘taste of the Marianas’, meaning all kinds of food, hot, fresh, delicious! Not to mention, all these foods come at a cheaper discounted festival price compared to when they are served at the restaurant.

Also, at these festivals, you can appreciate the culture of Saipan with cultural performances by people of all ages. And since Saipan is very diverse, other cultural groups in Saipan are able to perform their cultural performances as well. People dance traditional dances, and sing ancient songs, all while wearing traditional clothing made out of grass, leaves, and coconuts.

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Places to go/ Things to do
One of the main highlights of Saipan is the beautiful beaches! The beach is practically 10-15 minutes away from almost anywhere by car. To relax, you can barbecue with a grill, go fishing, or swimming. If you don’t want to be in the water, you can always take a jog on the sidewalks that line the coasts of Saipan.

Other than the beach, there’s also a lot of adventure! If you’re into sports, you play golf with a Cliffside view of the ocean, go parasailing, skydiving, kayaking. You can hike on Saipan’s mountainous terrains, dive into some of Saipan’s best diving spots, or check out Saipan’s historical spots like Banzai Cliff, Kalabera Cave, or Last Command Post.

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Some differences between Japan and Saipan
I think one major difference between Japan and Saipan is--- that Saipan doesn’t have a form of public transportation. I was very surprised at how effective and convenient Japan’s trains are (despite being crowded at certain times of the day). In Saipan, there aren’t any trains, subways, buses, or taxis. Well, there are taxies, but many people tend to own cars. Even kids at the age of 16 can drive a car. I was also one of those kids who was able to drive a car by 16. So, when I came to Japan, I wasn’t used to all the walking that everyone did in Japan.

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