When you ask "Do you have any siblings?" in JAPAN.

There are many ways to write a combination of 'Siblings' in Japan. Older brother-Younger brother, Older sister - Younger brother, etc...

siblings in Japanese.. 兄弟(Kyoudai)、姉妹(Shimai)、兄妹(Keimai)、姉弟(Shitei)

If you say 'Do you have any siblings?' in Japan, most Japanese people may not understand the word 'Sibling'.  You should say 'brothers or sisters' in that case.

If you want to say 'Sibling' in Japanese, '兄弟(Kyoudai) is the perfect word for it.  

兄弟はいますか?(Kyoudai wa imasuka?) = Do you have any siblings?

The Kanji 兄弟(Kyoudai) is a combination of 兄(Older brother)+ 弟(Younger brother).  

Japanese has the other Kanji combinations of siblings here.  

姉(Older sister) + 妹(Younger sister) = 姉妹(Shimai)

兄(Older brother) +  妹(Younger sister) = 兄妹(Keimai)  

姉(Older sister) +  弟(Younger brother) = 姉弟(Shitei)

However, if you ask '兄弟はいますか?(Kyoudai wa imasuka?)' here, they understand you mean all siblings (兄、弟、姉、妹).  It is an interesting point. 

So, you don't have to say




These are all correct Japanese expressions(writings), but I have never heard from native Japanese people.   

兄弟(Kyoudai) is the best word for expressing 'Siblings'.


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