You need Skype!

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We use free Skype for your session!

【Stop by weknow office if you are not familiar with Skype.  We offer Free support!】  

You need a Skype account to have sessions with us.   Skype is the most used free internet communication service in the world.  

Get your Skype name if you don’t have one yet.     First, make your own unique (and easy to remember) Skype name, and don’t forget it.  

You need the Skype name when you sign up as a weknow customer.   If you sign up with the wrong Skype name, you may not get a contact from our advisers when you have a session. So please be careful.  

Simply download Skype on your PC device if you don't have it. Your session is available from your room!     All the help and support you need to use Skype!

Talk to us in Japan on Skype!

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