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Japanese corps like to use the TOEIC test to evaluate their candidates and employees.

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If English is not your first language, preparing for the TOEIC exam requires time and effort. Here are some tips on how to study for TOEIC.

1. Expand your vocabulary!

I believe a wide vocabulary will give you an advantage. While there are no extremely difficult words in the exam, expanding your vocabulary can give you a better understanding of the questions and will let you enjoy the passages more. So when learning new words, also try to look at some sentences to familiarize yourself with their usage.

2. Do A LOT of practice questions.

A quick search on the internet will give you thousands of practice questions regarding vocabulary, grammar, and reading comprehension. Answer as much of these as you can and you will notice that the questions actually just follow a pattern and are usually repeated in many exams. Of course, when checking your answers, do not just check-and-forget. Make sure to go over your mistakes and review them properly.

3. Watch videos and listen to music.

Watching English movies or listening to songs is a simple and fun way to study English and get yourself acquainted with different accents. This will be very helpful in the listening portion of the exam. Familiarizing yourself with different accents will help you keep your calm during the exam, where speakers with different accents are used for every question.

Very easy, right? But you have to invest time and effort. Good luck!


Kate, English-Japanese-Tagalog communication adviser at weknow, Kamata, Ota, Tokyo, Japan


TOEIC Score: 990

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