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SET 28タイマー
1. Does the government spend taxpayers’ money prudently?
2. Agree or disagree: Urbanization has brought diversity to Japan
3. Is religion gaining ground in the 21st century?
4. Can the human race co-exist with the natural world?
5. Is providing education to developing nations the key to economic development?

SET 27タイマー
1. Do democratic societies have the right to censor public information?
2. Is fossil fuel becoming obsolete?
3. Do criminals have too many rights and freedom?
4. Can political activism affect the choices of politicians?
5. Can human society evolve from using war and violence to settle disagreements?

SET 26タイマー
1. Is enough being done to protect the world’s natural resources?
2. Can the Japanese economy ever recover from the coronavirus pandemic?
3. Agree or disagree: Alcohol has more detrimental effects on society than tobacco
4. Does the death penalty solve the problem of crime?  by Anna(JPN)
5. Can world hunger ever be wiped out?

SET 25タイマー
1. Will printed newspapers become irrelevant in the Internet-driven 21st century?
2. Is it better for school curriculums to emphasize competition or cooperation? 
3. Have family values retained their original importance or have they been replaced by other values?
4. Is it possible for societies to have equal social classes?
5. Is it possible to completely rid the world of terrorism?

SET 24タイマー
1. Agree or disagree: Japan’s population decline will cause a national crisis
2. Will the human race one day become extinct?
3. Is enough being done to halt the use of illegal drugs?
4. Does the mass media impact society in a positive way?
5. Can keeping animals confined be justified?

SET 23タイマー
1. Is vegetarianism the key to the sustainability of our planet? by Rachael(USA)
2. Do Japanese companies take mental health issues seriously enough?
3. Should all nuclear power plants be shut down?
4. Is preserving public safety more important than respecting citizens’ privacy?
5. Agree or disagree: Tariff rates should be lowered to stimulate the world economy

SET 22タイマー
1. Should more emphasis be placed on arts in public schools?
2. Agree or disagree: seafood is unsafe for consumption due to marine pollution 
3. Are the Olympic Games beneficial to a host country?
4. Which has a bigger effect on children’s IQ: genetics or environment?
5. Can religious differences be a trigger of conflict in today’s world?

SET 21タイマー
1. Are governments taking the issue of fake news seriously enough?
2. Do video games increase violent tendencies in kids?
3. Does there need to be a stricter government regulation for immigrants?
4. Agree or disagree: Municipal employees benefit the least from economic development
5. Can Japanese people be free from bias against import goods?

SET 20タイマー
1. Is enough being done to prevent climate change?
2. Is social media consuming too much of our lives?
3. Are bioweapons an imminent threat to our society?
4. Agree or disagree: the genre of music that we listen to can affect our intelligence
5. Should the Japanese government legalize euthanasia?

SET 19タイマー
1. Is a company’s profit more important than protecting its employees’ free time?
2. Do police authorities pay enough attention to the rights of suspects?
3. Does social media interfere too much in citizens’ private lives?  
4. Agree or disagree: Coronavirus should now be considered an incurable disease
5. Can robots be a substitute for natural ability in the working world.

SET 18タイマー
1. Should the Japanese government track its citizens using surveillance methods?
2. Will commercial fishing deplete the global fish stocks?
3. Is a 35-hour workweek the future of our society? by Lydia(CAN)
4. Agree or disagree: Gene-edited babies are ethical
5. Is our future headed towards a utopia or dystopia?

SET 17タイマー
1. Agree or disagree: It is too late to prevent the loss of a clean environment due to environmental pollution
2. Should more be done to increase awareness of the aging society in Japan? 
3. What role should the central government play in an international pandemic?
4. Are humans too dependent on the Internet to interact with each other?
5. Will the gap between men and women inevitably increase in today’s globalized world?

SET 16タイマー
1. Is the privatization of public services bad for society?
2. Is the status of women today different from that of previous generations?
3. Should developed nations make greater efforts to spread capitalism to other nations? 
4. Is enough being done to deal with the problem of global warming?
5. Should the central government play a bigger role in the case of a pandemic?

SET 15タイマー
1. Should more be done to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide around the world?
2. Agree or disagree:  Celebrities should never use their SNS to make political protests
3. Is the Internet beneficial to developing countries?
4. Should parents be allowed to decide their children’s religions?
5. Which is a greater threat to society, earthquakes or COVID-19?

SET 14タイマー
1. Is an infectious disease the biggest threat facing humankind?
2. Is religious education a good thing in modern society?
3. Does the government shape public opinion or reflect it?
4. Can people have strong moral values without law?
5. Agree or disagree: Japanese companies would benefit from having more women employees

SET 13タイマー
1. Agree or disagree: Japan’s national debt will cause a national crisis
2. Will school bullying one day be gone?
3. Is enough being done to avoid sexism in society?
4. Does political activism make a difference in the modern world?
5. Can the right to own firearms be justified?

SET 12タイマー
1. Has our tax payment been made use of wisely?
2. Agree or disagree: the Internet has expanded too far
3. Is handwriting losing its role in the 21st century?
4. Can Japan stay in harmony with China?
5. Is accepting immigrants from developing nations the key to economic development?

SET 11タイマー
1. Does more need to be done to avoid world hunger?
2. Are politicians doing enough to make your life better?
3. Should family issues take priority over your job issues?
4. Is there too much emphasis on sexual harassment in society today?
5. Do fathers have a role in raising their children in today’s world?

SET 10タイマー
1. Will mailing letters become obsolete in the Internet-driven 21st century?
2. Which should school clubs emphasize more, teamwork or competition?
3. Are friend values today as important as they were in the past?
4. Is wealth inequality in society inevitable?
5. Can suicide ever be avoidable?

SET 9タイマー
1. Would Japanese society benefit from having immigrants?
2. Is it possible for developing countries to improve the present standards of living?
3. Agree or disagree: Translation technology is undermining the role of language schools
4. Will Artificial Intelligence become a greater threat to unemployment in the future?
5. Are parents in Japan ready to deal with bullying at their kids’ schools?

SET 8タイマー
1. Will democratic nations dominate the world stage in the future?
2. Is enough being done to diminish poverty in modern society?
3. Has the quality of education improved in the digital age?
4. Agree or disagree: Provision of school meals should be banned
5. Should the study of morals be a higher priority among public workers?

SET 7タイマー
1. Is enough being done to protect children facing neglect?
2. Can Japan’s labor market stay healthy in the 21st century?
3. Agree or disagree: the death penalty deters people from committing crimes
4. Do labor unions have an important role in the business world today?
5. Is world peace an achievable goal?

SET 6タイマー
1. Is it worthwhile to rehabilitate prisoners?
2. Should there be more centralization of politics?
3. Is Japan doing enough to support disabilities?
4. Agree or disagree: The tabloid journalism exaggerates the problem of celebrities by Angie(USA)
5. Are private language schools worth your costs?

SET 5タイマー
1. Are terrorist movements an effective way to bring about change in society?
2. Should the tobacco industry be more tightly regulated? by Gemma(USA)
3. Should jury duty play an important role in the Japanese judicial system?
4. Should all nations have the right to have nuclear weapons for self-defense?
5. Can professional sports be both profitable and ethical?

SET 4タイマー
1. Can security cameras be justified in any public place?
2. Is the TV era coming to an end?
3. Is too much attention paid to the love affairs of celebrities?
4. Can individuals make a difference in the modern world?
5. Is the death penalty inevitable in human society? by Shana(USA)

SET 3タイマー
1. Will world conflicts cease to exist in the 21st century?  by Thalia(USA)
2. Agree or disagree: Homogeneous countries cannot thrive anymore
3. Do the advantages of the casino industry outweigh the disadvantages?
4. Do the values of today’s juveniles differ from those of past generations?
5. Are the threats to society posed by the low birthrate being taken seriously enough?

SET 2タイマー
1. Can the death penalty be morally justified?
2. Is modern business too dependent on Information Technology?  
3. Can the efforts of current politicians change our society for the better?
4. Are enough public funds invested in social welfare?
5. Should more be done to combat racial discrimination?

SET 1タイマー
1. What role should virtual currencies play in our world?
2. Does AI(Artificial Intelligence) have a responsibility to help unemployment in society?  by Aika(JPN)

3. Are Japanese old temples worth preserving?
4. Should subordinate workers be asked to evaluate their supervisors?
5. Agree or disagree: The death penalty should be banned in Japan 



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