What is Kasapon in Japan?

Their reason and use for it is more cultural, but foreigners would probably not have the same reaction.Kasapon! Learn Japan online via Skype! Japanese speaking international advisers are waiting for you!

Kasapon(かさぽん) is a unique and helpful product accustomed to Japan. It would be rare to see it overseas in places such as England, Scotland, or even Seattle in America, despite being countries or states known for heavy rain.  

Kasapon is very helpful, especially during the rainy season of June/July. Kasapon keeps the floors clean and not slippery, allowing for a more appealing walk through a building, be it a company or a shopping mall.  

The Japanese have become used to using the Kasapon, using it at every possible moment when they enter a store, or sometimes they may leave their umbrella outside. Their reason and use for it is more cultural, but foreigners would probably not have the same reaction. It may be bad if a foreigner were not to notice the cultural aspect and usage of the Kasapon, because it would result in wet floors, something the Japanese avoid.  

Once a foreigner catches on, they will feel the benefits of using a Kasapon and how containing the water could be less troublesome. It helps a Japanese person when the umbrella rack is full up, thus being able to take with you your own umbrella and not cover an item, or seat if it’s a restaurant, in water.  

In conclusion, these Kasapon dispensers outside every convenience store, mall, and company, keep the buildings and floors clean, or dry, giving a nicer experience for the everyday user or umbrellas.  

I personally am not fussed by it as I don’t always use an umbrella. Actually, culturally I have grown up not using one due to the weather, especially rain, being unpredictable in both strength and duration. It is appealing to the rest of the Japanese consumers/society, and therefore a good idea to have in Japan.


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